Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Boredom, Minecraft and Khan

hello internets.

Today started on a good note, I found out that I had enough money to party my tits off this weekend. After that it began to get boring once I realised that its Wednesday. So I was bored and prepared to be even more bored, so I did what any self respecting person would; I opened Minecraft. After the recent update I for some reason lost all of my worlds, one of which had a bitching castle, so I decided to make a new one...

4 hours later...

With an entire afternoon wasted I was left wondering, how the hell did I make this in 4 hours? there are 5 levels and the interior is roughly 70 by 40. I had never made anything of this size before (apart from a small boat with a giant sail). it took me this long to make my last castle, that was like 1/4 the size of this. I had of course already cleared the land and collected adequate resources as this was in my mind since Monday (doing all that in 4 hours is definitely impossible). but just the sheer amount of blocks to be placed in 4 hours just boggles my mind, I simply cannot fathom how I managed this. Has anyone else done something like this?

Another thing that happened to me today is I watched Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan for the (insert large number here)th time, and I noticed something (SPOILER ALERT, but not really because if you haven't seen this you need to kill yourself [read: stop liking what I don't like]) when Spock dies there is a triforce on the wall behind him. WHAT THE HELL? HOW DID I NEVER NOTICE THIS?

what is this? I don't even...

Am I the only person who hadn't noticed this? I am actually ashamed of myself for this. Did any of you notice this? Also I feel like this is an appropriate time for girlslaughing.png

Farewell interwebs, hopefully i don't make too much of an ass out of myself in the future.

Sunday, 20 March 2011


Insomnia why do afflict me so?
Any way, on to what matters.

My computer is dying D: this is mainly bad because i will have to delay my Crysis 2 purchase.

Yesterday morning I decided to a sort of mini epic meal time (for those of you who don't know of epic meal time head on over to and check them out) In which I used 1kg of bacon, 15 eggs, 1/2 litre of milk and about a half a bag of brown sugar. I'm also pretty sure I died twice while eating this, and I only had half. the end result was something along the lines of:

>french toast<
>candied bacon weave<
>smokey bbq sauce<
>2 eggs<
>french toast<
Yes I really did eat that.

in total 4 of these were made and I regret nothing. 

In video game news today we have Battlefield 3. A few days ago the second part to the fault line game play trailers was released and boy does it have me interested. (available for Amazon pre order Battlefield 3 - Limited Edition)

Not only will I buy this because I am a die hard battlefield fan, but also because it has an unmatched level of depth and reality to the game play; something which I have found to be seriously lacking in the last few COD games (robot cars in the Vietnam war). I have no doubt that this game will be a best seller for ea and dice.
This got me onto an interesting thought though, when does it tick over into being too realistic? I know the battlefield series aren't exactly most realistic games in the world but they are starting to head there. Games like  OFP: dragon rising and ARMA (not to mention the coming OFP title, red river) that really push the boundary. When does it stop being a game and become a fully fledged combat simulator? And what will happen after that? I'm interested in what you think will eventually happen to the FPS genre, so leave a comment below leaving what you think will happen.

That's all that really mattered today (that I could fit into a blog post) so farewell interwebs.

Hello Interwebs, disasters and Crysis 2

Well this is my first blog and I would just like to firstly encourage donations to Japan to help with their crisis; donations can be made through And now on to the main attraction, Crysis 2. It has been coming for a while now and I personally have been waiting for quite a while. I however was dissapointed recently when the demo came out and was limited to only 3 graphics levels. Wasn't the whole point of crysis to essentially show off what nvidia could do? The story was nothing to marvel at, the gameplay was decent but yet i'm fairly sure the reason most people had it was to oogle at the graphics. Maxing the graphics out when it came out was something of a major achievement. Even now Crysis is used as a benchmark for all new graphics cards and sometimes even the cpu, this is a whole 3 years after it was released. If this was one of the main selling points of Crysis, why would they take the customisation out of Crysis 2? Would this not have some impact on how the majority of Crysis' customers viewed Crysis 2? This being said most of the benchmarks were run at full specs, which is one of the 3 modes available. Not all benchmarks are run at highest quality though for instance some run 4 x AA while some run no AA, some run 1920x1080 while some run 1680x1050. The truth is that it is not viable to use the one size fits all method for pc, no matter what the game. With that I will buy this because I am a whore, farewell interwebs.