Saturday, 2 April 2011

well that was... interesting

Hello interwebs,
went to a party last weekend. All was well, until 3 of my friends made their way into a semi conscious state, all of whom never drink. I did the right thing and helped them out, unlike some of their other "friends" who couldn't wait to get away from them as soon as they began to throw up and pass out. Oh how nice some people are.

I don't really have any gaming news this week, so instead I'll tell you a tale of a giant, an iron giant.
I felt a bit of nostalgia creep over me after I saw a random image of the iron giant somewhere. I just had to go watch it again and well, I hate nostalgia. After watching this again I ruined my perception of this movie. I had originally thought it to be some epic movie and don't get me wrong it still is a great movie, just not what I had built it up to be. I hate it when my memory does stuff like this to me. It could have been this or I could have been missing my heart when I watched it, either or. 

I'm curious to see when nostalgia has built up something for you so much that nothing could really live up to your own nostalgic hype. So leave a comment to tell me when your nostalgia has built something up.

That's all for now.
Farewell interwebs.


  1. Loved the movie, for me it has to be the Indiana Jones saga, I saw the last one and though it was crap, so I watch the old ones again and was dissapointed too, I remember them to be much better.

  2. sorry to hear about your friends that happens glad u was there to help them out i know how u feel

  3. Aha, I hate being "that guy" who feels too bad about abandoning his sick friends.

    also I can't remember the movie, but I definitely feel like I recognize it :S

  4. Yeah, there are many of those that never live up to their nostalgia hype.

  5. loved this movie. great non disney animation.

  6. o my fucking god.. i had completley forgotten about this.. i loved it so much.. thank you for reminding me of it

  7. I love nostalgia! Man, watching that vid just gave me a nostalgia-gasm.